Client Referral Process


Please Note: Starting January 1, 2019 we will no long be accepting Cigna Insurance.

Transformative Family Services is dedicated to providing medical professionals and families with comprehensive information and guidance.  If you have any questions beyond the scope of the information provided below, please contact us for assistance.


If the client has a DX Report from the attending physician or doctor which provides confirmation that the DSM5 criteria have been met, please have your client contact Transformative Family Systems directly at (877) 777-7257 ext. 0.


If your client needs a diagnosis, contact Dr. Klaver, at (877) 777-7257 ext. 3 or CLICK HERE.  Dr. Klaver will contact you and/or the client directly to schedule an appointment.


Once the client has the diagnosis, then the Insurance Questionnaire must be completed and returned to Autism Systems along with the diagnosis at Fax: (800) 562-3347 or via email at

Once all of the required information is received, our office will contact you or the client with further details.

"Dr. Klaver performed full evaluations on both my school-aged daughters and corrected their previous mis-diagnoses allowing us to move forward with support plans more appropriate for their needs. We are so thankful for her expertise and professionalism and highly recommend her to anyone seeking answers for their own children."

Happy Family