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Enrollment & Forms


  • Call Autism Systems at (989) 401-2244 and ask to speak with our BCBA to schedule an intake.
    • Have the following information available:
      • Basic information about your child and any previous treatment information.
      • Insurance information, including:
        • Insurers Name
        • Name of card holder
        • Place of Employment (if any)
        • Card holder’s birthdate
        • ID number
        • Provider’s Phone Number

An appointment will be scheduled for the intake & initial assessment with a BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) and the Program Supervisor (Assistant Behavior Analyst).


  • Bring the following to the intake appointment:
    • Your child
    • Diagnostic Assessment (ADOS2, CARS2 or Vineland)
    • Standardized Assessments (cognition, daily living skills, communication, etc.)
    • Most recent IEP
    • IFSP from Birth to 3 (if applicable)
    • Insurance cards (not copies)
    • Completed enrollment packet
    • Initial Assessment for ABA Treatment
    • PA (Prior Authorization) Information


  • Follow-up Assesment

    • The Behavior Treatment Therapist (BTT) assigned to your child will call to schedule a minimum of one, 2-hour follow-up assessment within 3 business days following the completion of the initial assessment.  There is no need for parents to stay on-site during this assessment.
    • Once this follow-up assessment is completed we’ll have enough information to begin the Prior Authorization process with your funding source.  This process can take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks before it’s approved.
    • Upon approval, the BCBA will contact you to schedule a start date which is typically about 2 weeks following the approval.

      Please keep in mind these timelines are all approximate.